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Shorts Galore!

With post-production and festival registrations complete on both Starfall and Tyrant, what better way to pass the time – whatever time is left between client projects that is – than with… another short! Our next one will be a very strange retelling of The 3 Little Pigs. Watch this space!


We’re back from snowy Davos and in the last throes of post on Starfall – sound editing and mixing! – and already the year ahead is full of exciting projects we’ll be sharing with you very soon. First we have some awareness-raising films for the wonderful World Health Organization, a few other full-animation pieces still in the works. On the fiction front, we’ve got a triple-whammy of releases lined up for you over the next 12 months, kicking off with Starfall, and followed by Tyrant – a short based on William Shakespeare’s Richard III – and finally a very peculiar take on The 3 Little Pigs.

Before the Storm

As post-production nears completion on Starfall, pre-production begins on a new fiction project. Watch this space for more in the coming months, but we’re switching from droids in space to a Medieval setting and Shakespeare. But before any of that, there’s an intercontinental filming expedition through the likes of Panama, the Dominican Republic and Nigeria. Expect all that to make its way onto the screen in some form or other.

Happy New Year!

The new site celebrates its first birthday, and 2013, the year-after-the-non-apocalypse, is over. Getting ready for the Forum’s Davos Summit, and, in the run-up to awards season, watching some great films. I’m now in late stages of post-production on Starfall, and expect to see a new TV ad for the Global Shapers out soon.

Titans to play with Swiss shorts next week!

Vincent Graenicher’s « The Interview » is now complete, and will premiere on November 4th in Aubonne, Switzerland. A group of local filmmakers have contributed their short films to pad out the running time and increase the fun factor, and the result is an unexpected degree of variety: experimental time-travel, social drama, adventure war film, and fantasy…

Happy International Youth Day!

The power of young people in business, research, arts and politics is such an undeniable fact of our times that it is now easy to take for granted. And yet, watching innovative ideas spring up is endlessly fascinating. I was lucky to witness first hand young people in El Salvador launch a unique project to give power back to the local communities (see Pláticas del Pueblo in the commercials section). Great things lie ahead!

Titans now on iTunes!

As much work as I am getting done, I am decidedly behind on my personal projects. While I can’t throw a trailer for Starfall at you (yet), the nice people at Short-TV are promoting Titans on iTunes. Check it out, in all its HD glory!

Compact Flash Sabbatical

And so it ends: this mad trip over 2 months, 4 continents, affecting a dozen projects. Now it is time again for the cameras to cool down, the CF cards to go on a weel-earned sabbatical, and the editing system to boot up with the prospect of a very busy Summer. The first fully formed piece to emerge from this is the Highlights film from the World Economic Forum on Latin America, this time in Lima, Peru. Enjoy, and expect many updates in the near future.

(Almost) Around the World in (Much Less Than) 80 Days

The past two months have been much busier than this unofficial blog, with back-to-back shoots and summits for the World Economic Forum: following young entrepreneurs in El Salvador, covering the Forum’s summits in Peru, South Africa, Jordan and, finally, Myanmar. This last one marks the end not only of a mad globe-trotting spree, but also of other journeys: one of the fastest growing regions in the world is about to integrate, one of yesterday’s most remote countries is opening up to the world, and about to assume chairmanship of the aforementioned integration… Great things are about to happen.

Grapes and Flash Cards

Just took some time off post-production on Starfall to work on an usual project: Vincent Graenicher’s The Interview. There are many hidden treasures in my home country, and Vincent is undoubtedly one of them: a wine-maker with a fine palet, he is also an aspiring filmmaker, and that « aspiring » prefix might soon be a distant memory. Late last year, I manned the camera on his first short film, The Interview, a dark comedy harking back to 70s social dramas, something very alien to me but all the more fascinating for it. Vincent brings the same care to his films as he does to his grapes, and it’s safe to say his is a name you should keep in mind. Great things could be happening later this year.