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We’ve Moved…

While there will still be the odd update here, from now on, I’m moving to more official things: Grey Wolf Productions (click the title above to see their familiar website) is a dynamic community of artists covering  all aspects of production: animation, illustration, shooting, motion graphics, music composition, etc. There you’ll find more about upcoming film projects and our latest client videos. Enjoy!

The Hills Are Alive…

With the sound of… electro jazz??? Not a natural assumption, surely, but then these cool cats from the French-speaking part of Switzerland aren’t your average musicians (if even such a thing exists). Check out their unique sound here, or jump to the films section to hear their work featured in a video. Alongside Pig Aliens. Naturally.

Music of the Spheres

Maybe you’ve never heard the name Hanan Townshend. But unless you’ve been hiding in a wifi-free cave, you’ve heard his music. This musical virtuoso and I have worked together on countless projects, commercial and personal, and as I write these lines, he is scoring for the great Terrence Malick, and his music graces the latest Apple « Your Verse » campaign. This best-kept secret isn’t staying secret for long.

Can You Handle the Truth?

The old image of film critics as humorless, greying academics gets a hilarious makeover from Red Letter Media. Probably the internet’s best balance of humor and intelligent analysis, it does to film criticism what the Daily Show did to the news.

Make Your Head Explode (for free)!

If 60% of internet traffic is porn, and the remainder is people watching kittens on YouTube, there has to be a better, alternative universe where all people do is read Cracked.

Have You Seen This?

In need of any film recommendations? My good friend Otto Von B has written over 200 reviews on IMDB, most of them pretty insightful and some downright hilarious. Check these out.

World Economic What?

In late 2011, I began making short films for the World Economic Forum, an organization I could not have misunderstood more before working with it. Together we’ve covered a host of exciting events and initiatives, and this is only a fraction of what the Forum does. Find out more about them at