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Voices of Africa

« For so long, Africa has been portrayed as a continent of despair. When it rises at last, it will be a sight to behold. » - Daniel Kablan Duncan, Prime Minister of Côte d’Ivoire.

Abuja, Nigeria, May 2014. Farmers, politicians, business leaders, heads of state… the leading voices from Africa and around the world meet in the continent’s largest economy to discuss the future. This short doc was produced for the World Economic Forum.

Meet the Tech Pioneers!

30-second TV ad produced in the run-up to the World Economic Forum’s summit in China, where the world’s mist cutting-edge technology companies meet to share ideas.
Additional footage courtesy of iStockPhoto
Music by Hanan Townshend

Measuring the Road to Equality

The road for women’s equality is still a long one. Each year, the World Economic Forum measures it and compares countries to see which ones are leading the way, and which ones have fallen behind…

The Future of Cities

We’re urbanizing at a rate of over a million people a week. Can people, businesses and governments cope? In this short video produced for the World Economic Forum, experts in Davos comment on the current trend.