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Young in Tunis

In early 2011, a battered and exhausted people decided they had finally had enough. They sparked a revolution that stretched beyond their borders and rippled throughout the region. A year later, the youth of Tunis is bravely attempting to shape a very different Tunisia.
Produced by the World Economic Forum.

Technology Pioneers

When people think of the Forum, the first things that come to mind are political and business deals. This is a minute percentage of what takes place under the institution’s umbrella, and it omits the stage that is set for visionaries with groundbreaking technological concepts. Not only are the ideas explored in this short film very real and practical, they are already being applied.
Produced for the World Economic Forum

Caves Ouvertes

Every year, winemakers across the beautiful Lavaux region of Switzerland open their cellars to eager wine-tasters. This television commercial aired ahead of the event to boost attendance.

Social Entrepreneurs

The wide line separating business from humanitarian work shrinks to microscopic levels in these compiled portraits of extraordinary people who have managed to merge the two. They have created business that is financially viable while concretely contributing to society and improving people’s lives.
(Additional footage courtesy of iStockPhoto and the featured Social Enterprises)
Produced by the World Economic Forum.