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Dementia, It Affects Us All…

An awareness-raising piece on dementia for the World Health Organization. This condition affects over 47 million people around the globe, mostly in lower and middle-income countries. And this figure is set to more than triple by 2050.

Produced by Grey Wolf Productions.

Overcoming Epilepsy

50 million people around the world suffer from a chronic condition that is largely misunderstood. This short animated video, produced for the World Health Organization, was used to raise awareness and help defeat this widespread disease.

Produced by Grey Wolf Productions.

The Age Of Innovation

« Creating value through innovation ». Under this premise, the World Economic Forum gathers the world’s leading innovative thinkers in Tianjin, China, to explore how new technological advances will lead to significant social shifts.

Produced by Grey Wolf Productions.

Pláticas del Pueblo

Across Latin America, the past decades have seen the power elites increasingly disconnected from their people. In response, young people, led by the San Salvador Hub of Global Shapers, have created Pláticas del Pueblo: a project aimed at creating a culture of political debate among their country’s disenfranchised communities, in the hope that these grassroots focus groups will help hold the nation’s leadership accountable.